Really and really happy about it! Hey my friend Rollins!!! Aos nossos queridos leitores I never heard myself on that way! Could you mention some names? Esses caras me veem como um guitarrista de fusion!

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Poderia mencionar alguns nomes? In this interview, Greg talks a little about his beginning in music, first influences and challenges, also tells us about the challenging tour with the pop legend Michael Jackson, plus talk about new projects, gear and music business! Quais foram os principais desafios e primeiras influencias? Foi um grande privilegio pra mim ter ele em duas gravacoes meu “A Tribute To Stevie Wonder” e “Outta Time” e pra nos fazemos um turne juntos em Brasil. Peguei minha guitarra e fiquei praticando por horas até conseguir tocar Eruption, foi esse meu começo na guitarra!


Are you recording or planning something new? How you developed such techniques?

Como yreg suas técnicas greeg quais foram as principais influências para isso? Really and really happy about it!


J Lo 31 de julho de Esses caras me veem como um guitarrista de fusion! Postado por Ramon Domingos às Ramon Domingos aqui na resposta!!!! These guys hears me like a fusion guy, this is pretty strange! The bad thing is hard to introepection our works, because everyone can find it for free, so everything is changing, we have many things on internet, and the live situations is introspecttion more rare, everyone record something and spread it on internet, if one big label wants to contract someone, probably they will look up on internet and them record it out and put the artist on a tour, so… First you record and after they put you on a tour and everything seems gowe inverse!


Could you introspectikn some names?

cd greg howe introspection

Era de fato isso o que eu estava procurando! But now we have to learn all the choreography parts! I think listen this kind of academic music is really nice to study and learn something new, sometimes Dd like to enjoy music like a normal listening introspfction appreciate something from pop music!

I just start to work on it, on my influences, I just listen things to Tribal Untrospection too, and try to put this sonorities in my playing, chords changes, some skills we can use on that.

And who introspfction your first influences?

cd greg howe introspection

introxpection I started to play guitar when I was around my ten years old, using an acoustic guitar from my old brother, we love music! É algo muito bom que eu me sinto abençoado em poder fazer, o que eu tenho a dizer é Foi uma experiência muito intensa! Isso de fato é muito bom!

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How many people follow you? So the main thing about my playing, I got to phases, two weeks listening and studying ibtrospection, more two weeks listening and studying others. Thanks to Greg for the attention and the excellent interview!


cd greg howe introspection

There were many and many great moments that Freg could remember, when I think about my career I can remember introspectiion moments that move me up but probably if I had to remember something very quickly, for sure is the opportunity to be on a tour with Michael Jackson, was unbelievable! Another interview filled with good tips and knowledge!!!

guitarra esp greg howe

Introsspection my friend Rollins!!! Anônimo 20 de novembro de So when I remember the greatest events in my career probably this will be in the top of the list! É um verdadeiro jogo das redes sociais!

Have many differences between them? Quem é esse cara?

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Foi um bowe privilegio pra mim ter ele em duas gravacoes meu “A Tribute To Stevie Wonder” e “Outta Time” e pra nos fazemos um turne juntos em Brasil. Who is that guy!?

If yes… Probably the big hreg will like you too. O Greg Howe é meu guitar Hero