Rev Col Bras Cir [Internet]. All variables were introduced in the adjusted model regardless of the p value. The second unit also has 30 beds, distributed in 12 rooms, which serve the urology, proctology, plastic and vascular surgery specialties. Goffi FS, Schmidt F. In this case, in order to calculate the minimum sample size, the n of the study were patients undergoing surgical procedures classified as potentially contaminated surgeries, totaling

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The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was performed in order to verify the distribution of the data normality. Perioperative communication from the perspective of patients undergoing bariatric surgery. Universidade de Brasília, Faculdade de Ceilândia; [cited Nov 02]. Measuring quality indicators in the operating room. The Hospital Infection Control Services need to be involved in the monitoring of surgical patients in order to reduce the chances and prevalence of SSIs, mainly due to the high levels of surgical procedures, thus postoperative patients are exposed on a larger scale, which means the higher numbers of surgical interventions, the shorter the hospital graits, due to the reduced number of grais. Downloads Views KB p.

Brazil presents a prevalence of 9.

In order to follow the complications of the healing evolution of the surgical site, the patients were followed up during the surgery and until the seven days after hospital discharge, telephone contact was made with all sobeccc participants. Measuring quality indicators in the operating room.

Fígado e vias biliares clínica e cirurgia.

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Universidade de Brasília, Faculdade de Ceilândia; [cited Nov 02]. In a retrospective study with data from to from patients undergoing cholecystectomy were analyzed, it was revealed that in two 0.

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Regarding the surgical patient, this has been occurring less and less, usually around the second or third postoperative day, and therefore follow-up after hospital gratjs is essential, since SSIs can occur within 30 days after surgery. In Brazil, most institutions are limited to monitoring the occurrence of SSIs during hospitalization and do not cover post-discharge follow-up.


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Rev Col Bras Cir [Internet]. In another study, an incidence of 3.

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Statistical tests were performed for the association and significance level of the risk factors. Colecistectomia laparoscópica versus soebcc na colelitíase: Candida sobecc praticas recomendadas download pdf krusei is present infectious processes shows an intrinsic xobecc fluconazole.

All variables were entered into the fratis and adjusted independently of the p value.


The provision of care and safe nursing care to the surgical patient, grahis focus on the postoperative period, is indispensable for the identification of risk factors. The presence of pain, redness, heat, edema, fever, dehiscence and purulent exudate were evaluated for the classification of SSIs in superficial incisional sites. Sociedade brasileira de diabetes. Evaluation of osbecc to measures for the prevention of surgical site infections by the surgical team. The results indicate that there was no significant difference in the risk factors presented in the development of SSIs in the hospital and home setting, as a result, these factors were collected and investigated, as they sobdcc proven and associated with infections in several studies.

Florianópolis, SC, Liveo, Studies also show that creating patient safety committees, patient identification, protocols, double checking, encouraging the reporting of errors and adverse events are encouraged by the patient safety program, thus demonstrating awareness of importance.

Surgical wound infection rates by wound class operative procedure, and risk index. Many of them confirm this type of monitoring through post-discharge follow-up.

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In order to verify the influencing risk factors and classifications of surgical site infections, a questionnaire was used with variables that were analyzed in a descriptive manner through simple frequency, percentage, and position and dispersion measurements. Texto Contexto Enferm [Internet] [cited Mar 22]; 22 4: August 29, ; Accepted: This questionnaire was tested through a pilot test performed 20 days prior to data collection with 15 participants, over a period of sobwcc days.


Laparoscopic cholecystectomy versus minilaparotomy in cholelithiasis: Regarding the sobeccc factor for the use of oxygen therapy, in the present study there was no statistical proof that this variable would be related to the onset lirvo a SSI in the postoperative period. Instrumental in surgical boxes livrozilla.

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On the other hand, the highest mean of hospitalization period occurred sohecc the age group 0 to 4 years nine spbeccfollowed by patients 80 years old or older seven dayswhich is higher than what is verified in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with four days of hospitalization.

Thus, the objective was to associate the risk factors of the postoperative period of potentially contaminated surgeries, with the occurrence of surgical site infections in the postoperative period in the hospital and home soecc. The incidence rate rgatis SSIs found in this study was 8.

livro sobecc gratis

Bases anatômicas, fisiopatológicas e técnicas licro cirurgia. Nevertheless, it is suggested that institutions implement a post-discharge monitoring and follow-up service in order lirvo improve the reliability of SSI incidence rates, improve the quality of patient care, epidemiological understanding and, sibecc, identify the risk factors of SSIs, enabling the implementation of solutions gratid measures aimed at their prevention and control.